Are You:
Migrating Legacy applications to Distributed platforms like .NET or Linux?

Looking to leverage your legacy assets in a Service Oriented Architecture?

Finding it more difficult to implement than you thought it would be?
Pinebrook Consulting offers complete solutions for:

    •  Providing a Roadmap that ensures successful migrations
    •  Mentoring your support personnel and application staff
    •  Providing utilities and tools to facilitate migration
    •  Customization, and support of the architected environment
    •  Providing complete documentation to support the environment
    •  Supplying trained, experienced contract programmers or staff

Application development on intelligent workstations and Legacy Migration is an excellent strategy given the high cost of mainframe connectivity and the sophistication of today's development tools and distributed environments such as Micro Focus Net Express, Mainframe Tranasaction Option, Mainframe Express, Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET, Fujitsu NeoKicks, various Data Base emulators, and the ease of developing COBOL based web applications and web services. The challenge lies in the proper implementation of these tools into your environment. Pinebrook provides the proven experience for the situations that will require creative solutions unique to your environment. Our specialists are experienced professionals with varied backgrounds. Our staff has provided consulting services in many areas including:

    •  WEB based development (e-business)
    •  Distributed Development
    •  Off-loading mainframe development
 Complete Legacy Migration Services
    •  Contract Programming Services

   We are an Experienced

   Training Vendor

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